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Why businesses of all sizes rely on Beaconstac

for their QR campaigns

Easy to use

Fast adoption

Beaconstac’s platform is so visual and straightforward; you can create your first campaign in under 10mins. Moreover, any of your team members can jump in and get started - without any training.

"A powerful and easy solution for our business."

Beaconstac’s solution has made our lives a lot easier. Creating QR Codes is quick, and being able to track their performance has proven to be essential for our business.

Marcelo Yanez

Product Manager,

"Comprehensive & convenient QR solution"

We have been using the Beaconstac QR codes to communicate the information about the farmer and the origin of the fruit which the consumer has bought. The platform offers exclusive personalization features to render our efforts effective. Beaconstac has enabled us to use our product as a communication channel.

Purnima Khandelwal

Chief Executive Officer,

Built to design

Profitable campaigns

Basic QR Codes witness limited success. But we fixed that. Beaconstac's solution enables you to be that growth champ who drove transformational consumer engagement with the most advanced QR solution.


Customer support

Our team is here to provide you with personalized and outstanding service.. 24/7 availability? Check! Hundreds of articles to help you move from beginner to advanced? Check!

"Great product, wonderful customer support"

Our organization provides virtual nutrition education using Microsoft Team Meetings and we hit a roadblock with the functionality. After a couple of emails with Customer Support, this issue was immediately forwarded to their engineering team and the functionality was added within 24 hours! The ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues like this so efficiently and painlessly is priceless as a customer!

Ruth Bender

PSE Coordinator,

"A powerful and easy solution for our business"

Beaconstac’s solution acts as a digital layer over our existing ordering system. My guests can load my digital menu through a PDF without having to download the PDF to their personal devices. This is important to me as this helps me gain the trust of my guests.

Orlando Hitzig

Executive Chef,

We add up

to make your existing marketing stronger

Already following a certain process? Using a certain CRM? Perfect! Push data directly into your existing tools and process with an exclusive Beaconstac-Zapier integration.

"Easy to use and grow with."

Kevin E.

Digital Technology Manager

Consumer Goods

Don’t just take our word for it

"Amazing customer service for QR Codes!!"

We have been so impressed by the customer service and ease of use of these QR Codes! They are easy to use and have a very accessible website!

Erick R



"Beaconstac QR Codes are a lifesaver for our restaurant during this pandemic"

The QR codes are easy to setup & load quickly on all devices. They've allowed us to go paperless slowing the spread of germs primarily covid-19.

stewart m

Director of Operations,

Rochester Mills Beer

"Really effective QR code platform"

It's very easy to design the codes and I love the easy access analytics data. This makes it easy to get data for my project to prove the use of QR codes in my hospital.

Tam L

Lead pharmacist,


"Great looking and easy QR codes"

Beaconstac's feature set is great. With options for custom images and colors, Beaconstac provides a wide number of options to make our QR codes fit our brand needs exactly...

Jonathan D

Director (Digital Comm.),


"Beaconstac is Easy to Use and Reliable"

Creating QR Codes is quick and easy. A novice can do it in very little time. I also love the reporting capabilities. Or the fact that I can see at a glance our usage.

Debra D

Business Analyst,


"Response from a real person!"

I received answers to my initial questions in a timely fashion from a REAL person! Not a stock response or a bot. Technology is great (it's what we are purchasing after all!)...

Kristie P

Reputation Manager,


Enterprise-grade security for everyone

AWS Partner Network

We run Beaconstac on Amazon Web Services, a cloud infrastructure designed to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments in the world.

GDPR Compliant

Beaconstac complies with GDPR laws in order to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU

SOC2 Type 1 Certified

SOC2 certifies that Beaconstac has the procedures required to protect the interests and privacy of our customers.

"Beaconstac is a reliable QR Code provider"

We had tried another provider before Beaconstac and they were hacked. I was very cautious with who we selected after them. In my research, I tried several tools. I wanted a provider that used secured URLs that could not be hacked, that was a reliable business that would not shut down one day making my QR codes unusable. Beaconstac ticked all boxes and it helped to see that they are used by Fortune 500 companies.

Michelle Kelly

Digital Marketing Specialist,

Talk to us to learn more about the product

Talk to us to learn more about the product