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Use QR Codes on OOH advertising to measure its performance


Don’t waste the exposure you paid for on television commercials, billboards, direct mails, or print collaterals. To prioritize spendings on OOH, transform brand awareness to performance-driven campaigns with QR Codes.

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Whether you sell online or offline, the preferred channel for information consumption for users remains digital. Offer information and build an immersive digital experience for users with QR Codes.

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Add QR Codes to products and places to influence decision making
Add QR Codes on loyalty cards, product inserts or freebies to set up on-going communication

Relationship building

80% of first-time users never return or advocate a brand unless you build an ongoing relationship with them. Use QR Codes to know your users in the real world, make a direct-to-consumer connection & retarget them online to stay on top of mind.

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Smart networking

Let your customers instantly save your contact information on their smartphones with a QR Code on business cards. Leverage editable and trackable digital business cards to network in a smart and engaging manner.

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Use QR Codes on business cards to network in a smart and engaging way

Beaconstac in the News

"Beaconstac Celebrates 20,000 Customer Milestone"

"Beaconstac Raises $25M in Series A Funding to Connect Physical World Customer Experiences to Digital"

"Beaconstac Launches QR Codes with Integrated Security Features to Help Businesses Build Customer Trust and Loyalty"

Beaconstac`s Dynamic QR Code platform

Beaconstac’s QR Code generator solution helps you

  • Create a branded QR Code

  • Manage & personalize global QR Code campaigns

  • Measure engagement in the physical world

  • Capture intent in the physical world and build digital cohorts

  • Run targeted social media ads based on intent in the physical world

Scale phygital engagement with QR Codes.
We’ve got your back.

QR Code security and compliances

Enterprise-grade security

Security is our product team’s #1 priority, and we have the most advanced security measures in place that are unmatched by any other QR code solutions.

Integrate QR Code platform with in-use marketing tools

Integrations that eliminate data silos & busywork

We play nice with CRMs, chatbots, scheduling tools & every platform you want to push QR Code insights into.

Our customer support is available for all plans and users

World-class customer support

Our dedicated customer support team is here 24/7 to help you achieve your goals. We also offer a range of self-learning tools - knowledge base, blog posts, and collaterals.

Brands love us for
Ease of use, customer support and great product

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